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(Minimal Skills)
48 large 4" x 6" cards
• 4 simple shapes
• 3 primary colors
• Match or Sort games

Based on hand game
• 48 large 4" x 6" cards
• Requires minimal capacity to learn object identification
• Group participating encourages social interaction

48 large 4" x 6" cards
(8 ea of 6 different animals)

Requires minimal capacity to learn object identification and to understand receptive language
• Group participation social interaction
• Also used for Match and Sort games

While working with people with several handicaps and many special needs, Marion K. Allen has recognized the need for age appropriate activities that can be used by individuals with minimal skill repertories, especially non-readers.

Many learning activities and games are available for developmentally disabled people. However, there are very few designed specifically for limited to low functioning individuals.

Marion worked with designer, Dru Maki and the two of them created these three card games for basic functioning individuals at three different levels.

Although learning is a desirable outcome, these card games are designed specifically for:

  • Quick set-up activities
  • Recreational exercise

  • Quick and Easy Set-Up
    No game pieces, board set-up or parts to assemble
  • Flexible Time Usage
    Length of game play can vary with time available
  • Three Levels of Basic Activity
    Three card games of graduating levels to accommodate several levels of abilities

  • Encourages socialization
    - peer interaction
    - positive interaction with others
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Unintimidating participation entertainment
  • Large sized cards for easy grip
  • Large, uncomplicated images that are easy to see and identify.
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