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Here are three different approaches to copywriting that are representative
of Christy Company's versatility.
PROJECT #1 - 6 Page Capabilities Brochure

The client provided photos, a list of brand names they service and their letterhead with a list of capabilities.  Our copywriter constructed a mission statement that concisely states what the company has to offer, outlined the company's services, wrote descriptive information about each area and
incorporated the list of brand names they service. 
This required 2 drafts to final copy.

PROJECT #2 - 4 Page File Folder Capabilities Brochure

The Christy Company copywriter met with this company's president and conducted a 1 hour interview.  From notes compiled at that meeting our copywriter created a description of the company and capabilities, emphasizing its longevity, reliability and long-time, one-family ownership.  To support these claims, we included testimonials from several of the company's long-time customers. This required 2 drafts to final copy.

PROJECT #3 - 6 Page Pocket Folder Corporate Brochure

For this project, our client provided transcripts from a support seminar, copyboards from a slide presentation, various ads and an older brochure.  Christy Company copywriter organized all copy under 3 headings. . . Service, Support, Satisfaction and included a brief history of the company.  The first copy draft submitted was the most comprehensive so that the client could delete what information they felt was less important.  A second draft was presented for further reduction.  By the time we reached the 3rd and final copy draft, the information had been pared down to just the essentials.

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